Hi there, Stefanie here with a quick tutorial to encourage you to play with the rule of thirds. I must confess that I tend to aim the camera at whatever is catching my eye at that moment and click to snap the shot. I love getting the moment and often that means the composition isn’t that perfect.


Take this one, the girls were focussed on getting their selfie and I wanted to capture their companionship and joy in taking their photos. Because I took this with my Nikon DSLR, I was able to crop it without losing too much quality. I added the rule of thirds grid so that you can see the different image, after cropping.


You can see that the girls bodies are plumb center of that third line. This is more pleasing to the eye and is a technique employed by artists and photographers through the ages. So I thought that I would take it one step further and create a scrapbook layout that also used the rule of thirds. I used three very different background papers to visually divide the background into thirds and then still created a diagonal draw from top left to bottom right with the placement of my embellishment clusters.

Love you to pieces 600

I used Different – not less, a collab by Amanda Yi Designs and Traci Reed.


I used a kit that was designed for those struggling with differences, but I loved the puzzle piece journal card, “love you to pieces” and so used that to play on my theme of the girls building a large puzzle of a dolphin. I hope that this also allows you to see that a kit can be used many times for many different themes, not merely the one the designer had in mind when creating it.