Hello there, Stefanie here challenging you to be inspired by an old layout of mine

(truthfully you would be welcome to hunt out an old layout of your own and tweak that too, why re-invent the wheel?)


Things to be inspired by:

  1. Use an old kit, or get this one, image is linked below.
  2. Add an envelope with something peeking out of it, a photo, a journaling card, some scatters.
  3. Use patterned paper to add some colour and a sense of direction like the chevron print.
  4. Journal on note paper
  5. Use an outlined font/alpha
  6. add your photos in a relaxed manner to emulate this falling style
  7. Some floral clusters with greenery or leaves
  8. A super fun hand writing font
  9. Use a check mark
  10. Include a selfie



I used review 2015: collection, in store here.