Happy Monday everyone! Today we are stopping by to talk about…you guessed it!…buttons and ribbons. Some times in the digital scrapbooking world, our pages lose tangibility. We don’t get to touch the pretty ribbons and the fun buttons. That being said, don’t not use them on your layouts! I really enjoy seeing a layout with those pretty ribbons and fun buttons. I was looking around online for some fun ideas on how to use ribbons and buttons. More than just tucking the ribbons behind photos to sick out a bit on the edges and a button here and there as a filler. I was looking for ideas on how to really use some buttons and ribbons. Here are some great ideas that I found. I hope you can get some inspiration from them! (All images linked to the original source).



Not only are there buttons on this layout, there are beautiful ribbons. Even though this is a scanned image, I feel like I could reach out and touch all those pretty ribbons. I am absolutely going to scraplift this!


I have seen this done in the digital scrapbooking world (I think this is a digital scrapbooking page too).  Look at all those buttons!!! This would be fun to scrap as this person did, a couple’s photo. You could also make a card or hot air balloon fair, or anything you can think of.



I have also seen this done with digital scrapbooking layouts. Even though this is a tangible layout, it is scanned in. Even though it has been scanned in, you feel like you can just reach out and touch all those buttons. The large flowers are the perfect touch.


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Use buttons as a frame or ribbons as your background paper. Or the other way around!! There are so many ways you can use ribbons and buttons. Don’t just tuck them behind things or make them so tiny you can hardly see them. Ribbons and buttons are pretty to look at and fun! Use them to make your digital scrapbooking layout.

Make sure you check out Amanda’s Sweet Shoppe Designs store. Most all of her kits have ribbons and buttons! Use that stash and make those layouts stand out. We would love to see what you scrap with this idea! Make sure you upload your layout to Amanda’s gallery  and come back and link us up. We would love to see those ribbons and buttons digital layouts!