Tutorial Tuesday: Scrapbooking with Hearts


As we get closer to Valentine’s Day the shops are filled with heart shaped delights and chocolates to tempt us to splurge on those we love. However, not everyone has discovered their significant other and for those Valentine’s Day may be painful. ¬†But I believe that all of us have things that fill our hearts, family members, pets, and hobbies that all add up to make our lives rich and enjoyable. Why not stop and reflect about the myriad of good things and great relationships you do have that make you feel special and then celebrate that.

For this all about me layout, I chose a template that has hearts and inky goodness called Be Mine {dressed down} by Fiddle Dee Dee Designs and a stunning kit by Amanda Yi Designs, called She’s a Believer to scrapbook an everyday moment that matters to me. One of our cats, Snuggles is 14 years old and has been diagnosed with kidney disease, she was given two weeks to 2 years to live and has already passed a year of those. She is slow and cunning but still such a sweet character. She loves yogurt and ice-cream and can hear the scraping of a bowl from a mile away. I don’t know how many more years we will have her around, but for now, for this sweet moment I snapped a ¬†photo and scrapbooked a layout about this old girl and what she means to us.

Believer 600


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