Tutorial Tuesday – Scrapbooking 1,2,3

Tutorial Tuesday – Scrapbooking 1,2,3

Hi there, Stefanie here with a little step by step tutorial in clustering and layering and making slightly fuller pages that still make your heart sing.

I like to start with my photos and after my son arrived home from work he came to chat a little and Cleo, our 14 year old cat came running up to him for kisses and cuddles. It warms my heart to see them reconnect and show physical affection in this way. I snapped a few photos with my phone and just knew that Amanda Yi Designs had the perfect collaboration for my photos.

Good for the Soul

So I open a new document and added my photos and some of the journal cards.

Step 1

I like to add drop shadows as I go along. I chose a grey tone on tone spotted paper for the background and then layered some more papers at the top and the bottom of the page. This adds a little punch of colour as well as keeping the eye on the page and not allowing it to drift off.

step 2

I love the pop of dimension that little shadowed post-it note adds. I wrote out my journaling and right aligned it with the post-it note. I layered a ribbon between the papers at the top, and then started three clusters, top left and bottom right and a third to create a visual triangle for added punch and power. Each cluster has some form of a circle element in the foundation layer, as well as a dimensional item. The half stitched circle to the left adds some tension, the circle and stamps aren’t all visible adding to the feeling that something had happened before these photos were taken and the circles at the bottom also bleed off of the page, allowing one to feel that something else came afterwards.

Step 3

To be honest I am happy with this and feel that it has good layering, movement and diagonal draw.

I looked through the kit again and chose a last few goodies, adding a dimensional string that moves the eye left to right from the pause fair, as well as some scatters top left and bottom right that cement the diagonal draw.

Step 4

I trust that this glimpse into my process will enable you to add a few more layers into your layout and yet still be true to your flair and style, while creating a page that you will love in your albums.


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