Tutorial Tuesday: Scrapbooking 1,2,3.


Hi there, Stefanie here giving you a step by step view of my creating process.

Sometimes I am photo or story driven and sometimes I am product driven. This week this gorgeous collab by Amanda Yi Designs and Libby Pritchett was calling my name.


Step one was to create the background from a neutral paper, and a couple of paper strips with stitching for visual attachment and texture.


Step two was to add my photos, a bottom set of paper strips, just because the patterned papers in this collab are so fabulous, and to begin my clusters, it was very easy to get carried away and forget about snapping an intermediate stage layout. I love creating diagonal draw, the photo placement draws the eye from top left to the bottom right quite naturally.


Step three: I had a little spot between the journal card and the pizza photo that benefitted from a space filling word art, valentine which also acts at part date, part sub-title. Once I have the top layers in place I often will work from the bottom, adding foundational brushes, splatters, wordart with the date and journaling onto the background layer. I love creating three cluster spots with hierarchy. Which means that there is usually a large, medium and small cluster. The top most cluster is usually the smallest and often houses the date. I like to think that my clusters serve a purpose, a reason to have people look at them and take them in. So the top clusters gives the date and an entry point into the page, you also determine that it was meant to be romantic, filled with hearts and roses. The middle cluster is eye catching by it’s placement in the centre of the design, but it also acts as an anchoring point, with the textured white stitching. The bottom cluster is the largest in terms of size, but because it is very much tone on tone, it lacks visual weight and so balances the layout perfectly.

final 600

Looking at the details: I have three spots of splatters, three different coloured flowers, a variety of hearts and patterns and yet it all works together as a unified layout. I would urge you to look through galleries, Amanda Yi Designs has one at The Sweet Shoppe as well as  The Sweet Shoppe Gallery~ now really look at layouts that you are drawn to. What makes you like it? The design? The pattern choices, the colours? Next really take it apart and determine what you love about it. Do you like catchy titles, bright papers or clean and simple stunners? This will be a perfect spot to begin with the next time you want to scrapbook but have no idea where to start or when you feel like you need a suggestion for a topic or a burst of inspiration.

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