Tutorial Tuesday: making vellum from a patterned paper.



Hello there, Stefanie here today with a little “how to” make vellum paper from a patterned paper in Photoshop Elements.

I chose this paper from Amanda Yi’s Dream of Outer Space kit. I loved vellum as a paper scrapbooker, when layered over a very bright/bold patterned paper it subdues it and makes it easier to work with. But I also just love that it adds delicate texture and can be layered without adding too much visual weight to the page.


You need to open the paper in your editing software. If it is a background layer it will be locked, you can click on and drag the lock to the rubbish bin to unlock the layer or duplicate it and discard the original layer. If a patterned paper is too bold for your liking, you can decrease the opacity of the paper.


However this decreases the visibility of the pattern and the background layer, so isn’t the look I was going for. With my unlocked paper layer highlighted I choose the magic wand tool and click on the background of the paper. This selects the arrows and then I choose select – similar from the drop down menu. This would include all the letters of the text if you were working with a font filled paper. Then I delete the selection – this removes the background layer and puts it on a transparent background.

Create a new layer below the layer you were working on and fill with a colour or white. I chose a pale pink for my example. You can tweak the opacity of the colour-filled layer until you like it. Merge the two layers together and then add a drop shadow to it, as normal.


The effect is subtle, but pretty. I did a second example on a much bolder paper for you to see how that would work. I struggle to use bold patterns, or papers atht have a high colour contrats and will often resort to using a small strip or small piece of the pattern so it doesn’t draw too much attention away from my photos.


Changing the background lifts the patterned paper so much and gives you so many more options to choose from.


Papers I worked with come from Dream of Outer Space, on sale here.



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