Tutorial Tuesday: Journaling with Journal Cards

Tutorial Tuesday: Journaling with Journal Cards

Hi there, Stefanie here to encourage you to add more journal cards to your layouts.

I love them, they add interest, text and emotion to a layout. The “chill out” card and the “You create your own calm” cards, already tell much of the story and I could have probably done without my own 2cents worth on there. However I want my family to hear my voice in my journaling and the vertical card with slight pattern made the perfect home for some funky hand written when, who, and where from me. Nothing earth shattering, it’s true. However we will both remember these hot days in January 2016, when she was in grade 10 and did her homework while keeping cool in the swimming pool, listening to her music on the phone, via the house’s wifi.

Chill out 700

For my layout I used these two collabs, sadly I am unable to link the images to the store for now, as Sweet Shoppe is undergoing some maintenance and will be back shiny and new in time for their birthday celebrations on the 29th of January.



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