Hi there, Stefanie here taking a look at getting your journaling done in a list format. I discovered a pinterest board with list style journaling, My Scrapbook Evolution, and there has been an article over at Get It Scrapped, by Debbie Hodge, Scrapbooking ideas for story telling with a list. At times it is easy to give the basics in your journaling, the who, what, where, when etc that can’t be gleaned by the photos alone. Other times the words don’t flow and you wonder who reads what you write anyway. But I know from years of scrapbooking, when my family members look through the albums, they linger over the layouts that have journaling, and new conversations are started, Do you remember when…?etc. It is important to be creative and to have fun with your scrapbooking but if you are doing it for memory keeping, let’s start getting that journaling onto our pages, maybe beginning with a list will be an easier option for you.

I love watching series, it has become the way I unwind after supper. Hubby loves watching what I call talking heads, news 24 or financial stuff. The oldest son and I watch creepier shows like: Criminal Minds and the X-files. My daughter and I watch the more girlie shows; iZombie, Modern Family, Quantico, Chicago Med and so on. Then there are shows that I love watching all by myself, like Chicago PD, Suits, Scandal and the Good Wife. To be honest, the years seem to pass in a blur and 3 years from now I won’t remember what shows gave me joy in 2016, so I am going to scrapbook them and have a record of it.

List 700


For my layout I used Amanda Yi Design’s and Lauren Grier’s collab Be A Voice, (retired).

Seize the book 700

A synopsis of books my daughter has enjoyed, paired with photos taken of her seriously engrossed.


For the second layout I used Carpe Librum by Amanda Yi Designs and Two Tiny Turtles Template: 2016 Looking Ahead.