Tutorial Tuesday: Eye Catching Title Work

Tutorial Tuesday: Eye Catching Title Work


Hello again, Stefanie here with some suggestions on creating an eye catching, attention grabbing title. I am using Nature was here, a collab by Captivated Visions and Amanda Yi Designs. The alphas were in png sheet of letters, so you need to pull them into photoshop elements and use the rectangular marquee tool to draw a rectangle around the letter that you want ( a single letter at a time) and then Crtl-J to duplicate that letter and place it on it’s own layer. You repeat this until you have all the letters needed for your title.


I lined them up and added a drop shadow style. This is a clean and classic title and would work for most layout styles.


Next I moved them around a little, alternately overlapping them and tweaked the shadows so that the letters closest to the background have a smaller, darker sharper shadow and the raised letters have a fuzzier shadow.


Then I started playing with pieces from the kit, this first has a brush type foundation.


But I settled on this one, with some goodies on top of the letters, some behind and the string bit threaded through the letters. This adds fun, a sense of movement and playfulness.

You could certainly use this same technique to create a signature and upload it to a photo hosting site like photobucket or flicker and then add it to your profile in a forum you enjoy participating in. I scrapped a couple of photos, including one of my daughter taken while on a hike with her cousins in 2012. I have no idea of a story to add to these so a fancy title and the paper strips quote included in the kit are perfect to finish it all off. I add these layouts to her album chronologically so the date and her name are not necessary.

NatureLO 700

I hope that this tutorial helps you to risk something new and try something a little different from the norm.


Nature was here Bundle, at The Sweet Shoppe Designs.

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