Tutorial Tuesday: August Overview

Tutorial Tuesday: August Overview


Hi there, Stefanie here trying my hand at pocket pages. I have attempted to do a photo a day, but really 2013 & 2014 seems to be it. I like the idea of doing a double pocket page per week, but in reality I find our lives too boring and unpredictable. Then I have an event and could scrap loads of pictures, so different from week to week. Then I have three children, they all want to be represented, even though the boys spend more time out of the home than in it, and they don’t overwhelm me with photos either. A monthly overview seems more achievable, after all that opnly makes 12 per year and Amanda Yi has the best journal cards and wordart, doesn’t she?


My page represent the season we are in: the rain and the flower photos.

Pop Culture: Pokemon Go! that CJ is very intent about

I have a mix of photos with and without wordart layered on it, a visual triangle of gold.

Aug right

I love adding some dimensional items into the layouts too: the stringy bow and the butterflies.

As well as  some visual attachment: the stapled sequins and stitched banner.

A grid design allows everything to be neatly in it’s place but I love to break boundaries and have things extend over their allocated spaces for added tension and drama. Something that makes the viewer revisit that spot because something feels different. This right side has 5 spots of gold, not a triangle but odd numbers over even every time.


It makes no difference whether you read this from left to right across the double or the left page first and then the right. There is flow, dimension, sparkle and broken boundaries.

For my layout I used:



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