Tutorial Tuesday: 5 ways to use buttons.

Tutorial Tuesday: 5 ways to use buttons.

Hi there, Stefanie here giving you some ideas in stash busting.  Amanda Yi  includes a fabulous variety of buttons into her kits and bundles. How do you add them to your pages? Do you love them as much as I do? What if it isn’t a sewing page or what if it’s a masculine page? I love buttons, they are cute, small and easily add dimension and visual attachment to a layout. Most kits have them and I think they can be easily overlooked for their flashier embellishment cousins, the flairs. In many ways buttons are dependable and unobtrusive and add a special “handmade with love” feel to a beautiful layout.


2nd Cousins 700

Buttons can be used as part of a cluster, they are small and easy to tuck in with flowers or sequins as a small grouping. Small embellishments like this add dimension, fun and a homemade touch without really drawing attention away from the photos. For this layout, I used My kids have manners by Amanda Yi Designs and Meghan Mullens.

Summer 700


I love stitched buttons or buttons that have a bow in them to aid visual attachment. I love that they can be used to dot the “J” within a title, as in this layout. I used Summer Bucket List (collaboration) Collection by Amanda Yi Designs and Laura of Wishing Well Creations.

Embrace 2009 600

Flowers can be layered one on top of another and a button can be added as a little crowning element and to finish off the multi-layered bloom. This layout features A New Yesterday by Amanda Yi Designs. (retired)

mischievous 700

Buttons can be used to visually attach goodies. In the same way that buttons can close a shirt or jersey, they can be overlapped and appear to fasten a journal card or photo to the background papers. This layout uses My kids are Mischievous by Amanda Yi Designs and Meghan Mullens.

Cat nap 700


Buttons can be used  to create a scatter, sequence or sense of movement through the layout as well. Here the stringy element is lightly shadowed and the button serves as a visual attachment, but also adds to the sense of movement from left to right along the center of the design. I hope that you have been encouraged to take a second look at your supplies and to dig in and use more buttons. This layout features #schoolcool#girls by Amanda Yi Designs, Studio Basic and Two Tiny Turtles.


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