Hi there, Stefanie here with another of my process tutorials. I like to start with the photos and the story that I want to tell and when that pairs perfectly with a kit of Amanda Yi Designs, like this one did, you know it comes together quite quickly.


I start with a neutral background, even if I don’t stay with it, it’s a great place to begin. I placed the two photos in a diagonal design, with the larger, focal photo nearer the bottom as it has more visual weight, but also because I would like the viewer’s eye to linger there. It is so sweet the way Cleo is draped over my son and his arm supports here, even in his deep sleep. I don’t crop the photos too closely as I want his messy bed and cell phone to be a part of the story and how his life looks right now. I create a foundation of brush work that help move the attention from top left to bottom right. Also adding two paper pieces at the top and bottom of the page, giving the impression that there was life happening before these photos were taken and then some more again afterwards. I love adding these papers as they add pops of colour, but also the striped paper gives textural interest that echoes the slatted headboard in the photos. The bottom arrowed paper directs the eye upwards and back to the photo cluster.


Then I get to play, making clusters to ground the photos visually as well as finding spots for my title and date. I added the journaling in the space on the top of the large photo, but then hid it again. It hurts my heart that he chooses to game at night and sleep all day and I miss him, miss the special guy he is and miss hanging out with him. I know that he won’t appreciate me spilling my guts all over the interweb, so hidden it will stay.


I really hope that me sharing my process helps you to see what works for you, where you enjoy spending time creating, maximising the fun and minimising the parts that you don’t enjoy.

I used Parenting – the bad side, collab by Amanda Yi Designs and Studio Basic, available in store here.