Hello scrappers!! Let us all take a moment and soak in that it is December. I think this time every year December comes like a surprise. Not like we were not expecting it. More like, “wasn’t it just January?!” I am sorry that I missed last week’s Stand Out Tuesday. Between starting a new job & Thanksgiving, I found it was Friday before I knew it! So much of time flying by going on. That being said, here are this week’s stand out layouts from Amanda’s gallery. I included a few more than I normally do to help make up from missing last week.


20 by Marnel | Such beautiful layering and lovely photos! I really like the blocking down the side and just the right amount of elements to accent the beautiful ladies and darling baby on this layout.



gift by karbolik | immediately this caught my eye because it looks just like that…a wrapped gift!! I opened it up and notices the sweet little extras. I love well done white-space layouts. That photo is sweet and the title work really catches my eye.






Dec 31 by scrappurple | I am not going to lie. My favorite color is yellow and that is why it originally caught my eye. Like the others, I opened it up and the fantastic cluster work and everything tucked perfectly where they should really makes this a stand out layout!





December Documented by HeyJude | How can this perfectly scattered layout not stand out? Everything has a place and everything is in that place! Great composition and just the right amount of elements used.



Merry Christmas by 4noisyboys | Such little elements and paper layers brought together to bring one big & stand out layout!! I keep noticing new things every time I look at this lovely layout. Beautiful!



Santa Baby by khakisack | That sweet sweet little face just jumped out at me in the gallery and said, “you know you wanna pick me!” Yes the cutie in this layout is just that. However, Khakisack framed said cutie expertly! It is like the most darling little Christmas wreath! Beautiful clusters and great choice in the background paper. Really makes those whites and reds pop!


So there you have it folks! This week’s and last’s stand out layouts! I know that a lot of us are scrapped out due to iDSD and then Black Friday right behind it. Now that we are all rested & heading into the end of the year, don’t forget to scrap. Also don’t forget to upload those lovely layouts to Amanda’s gallery. Your layout might be the next Stand Out Tuesday layout!!