Hello scrappers! Are you getting excited for this weekend’s sales & fun?! I know I am! Today though, we are going to take a look around Amanda’s gallery. Ooh & Aah over those stand out layouts. Get some inspiration & leave some love. There were so many to chose from this week. You guys are making my job hard! Here are just a few of those Stand Out layouts.

Hello Spring by conny. This layout stood out to me because of the little circle cut outs. That bit of color pop (on this colorful layout!) really grabbed my attention. It caused me to click on the thumbnail and take a closer look. Great composition, fun colors, and just the right touch of paint.

Boating by Jamie is a great activity layout. I know you see what grabbed my attention. That great use of the sun! A wonderful focal point. I like the white background with the brightly colored papers. Great use of patterns as well. Those patterns work perfectly with the stark background. Looks like they were having a great time as well!

Summer Bucket List by Tia is SO cute!! Those photos! I just want to pinch those cheeks. The beautiful composition and great layering grabbed my attention with this layout. Everything works so well together. From the colors to the paper choices. The little tid bits on the top & side really pull it all together.

Summer Fun by Nettie B is last but not least! I always enjoy seeing non-traditional sized layouts. That grabbed my attention 1st. Then the great use of patterned paper and everything tucked in the pocket. Such a great action photo and title work to top it all off!

There you go scrappers, some great inspiration from Amanda’s gallery. We would love to see what you are scrapping with Amanda’s designs. Make sure you up load your layouts over at her gallery. We are looking around every week for those layouts that inspire. You could be next!….and who doesn’t enjoy a little layout lovin’?