There are many things that can make a layout stand out in the gallery. What grabs one person’s attention might not grab another’s. I could write multiple blog posts about what grabs mine. That being said, seeing a layout that has predominantly one color always grabs my attention. I picked the color yellow because it is my favorite! Why not out a smile on my face while giving you guys some motivation this Monday?!

We are going to take a look at some pretty yellow images, some great digital scrapbooking layouts done up in yellow, and round it up with the latest yellow filled goodies from the store.

Now, here are some lovely images to get those creative juices flowing. Did you know there was a place you could get pretty nice stock photos for free? These images are from Pexels. (All photos on Pexels are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This means the pictures are completely free to be used for any legal purpose.) I use them on my personal blog. I thought I would share with you guys while we get some inspiration for scrapping with yellow.







I hope those lovely yellow images were motivational for you. Maybe made you start thinking of photos you had that could be scrapped; or a kit you have been meaning to use? Well here are some wonderful scrapbooking layouts done up in the wonderful color of yellow. All images linked, of course!






Lovely layouts, right?! I just love looking through Amanda’s gallery. Even more so when I am looking for my favorite color! Amanda’s designs and your all’s talent really make looking through the gallery a pleasure. Speaking of her designs, here are some items from Amanda’s store that can get you scrapping your layouts dressed in yellow…and more! Everything linked!











WOW! This was only from the 1st 5 pages of her store. I knew I loved Amanda’s designs because they were stand out….I didn’t realize she used yellow as much as she did. I love them even more now! I hope you all got a little motivation from today’s post. Make sure you upload your layouts to Amanda’s gallery and link us back up here!