Do you ever see a sign or something on television that you want to recreate and you are excited to get home and make a layout? There is a technique I see often using words all jumbled together, and what a fun look it is! I use it every once in awhile, and there is a website that makes it so easy to get the coolest layout.  http://www.wordle.net/

Here I put in lots of words about – words, and a couple of big words. To make words larger, use them multiple times, the more you use them, the bigger they get in relation to the single used words.


AYD blog 1

I then decided to make a custom palette for the colors. I went with a general spring theme here, but I could have colormatched to a kit had I wanted to.


Another hint – to keep words together, like with Amanda Yi Designs, use a tilde in between each, like this: Amanda~Yi~Designs. (On my keyboard it is to the left of the number 1 key.)

One more hint – make sure to type all your words into a Word Document, and you can keep adding and refining it. I copy/paste into the Wordle create, and try it, and see when I need to add more, and can easily just return to my Word doc and do that. Bonus, you’ll know when you have a typo!

Here’s what I did with AmandaYi Designs & Studio Basics – Forever Young bundle, so grungy and fun to work with!


2015 03 22 say cheese guinea pigs love - Page 055

If you love words, and want a quick and easy word cloud, give it a try!

Have a super week, and Happy Scrapping~