It is not too late to start a photo project this year!! Taking photos to document your year. Taking those photos and scrapping them! Project 52 and/or Project 265. Otherwise known as P52 or P365. It is just as simple as that. Take a photo a week or a photo a day. Personally, I have not been able to keep up with a 365 project. Like just gets too busy to take a photo a day. I admire the people who can! Especially scrap all those photos as well. Project 52 was more my style & I have been able to complete those. However, I am here to link you up to some fun Project 52/Project 365 ideas along with some fantastic Amanda Yi Designs to get those layouts pumping. Probably will throw in some examples from Amanda’s gallery while I am at. it. So, let us get started!!…(all images are linked!)

Here are some fun ideas to get the gears going and those photos taken!


Here are some more. You don’t have to stick to just one list.


One more


Don’t forget the Project 365! There are 365 ideas on this blog!!


You are not without ideas now!!


Technically you can take any kit and scrap your project photos with it! Or any photo for that matter. However, there are kits geared more towards that. Month-to-month kits and kits just for those projects. Here are some great ideas I found in Amanda’s store to get those project photos scrapped. I am going to link up some layouts I found in her gallery to help motivate!















I truly enjoy seeing week-to-week projects as well as those 365 projects! They are so much fun! Did you know there is a section just for long term projects at SSD? Well..there is! Go check it out & I hope this motivated you a bit! Happy Scrapping!