New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

So…did you survive the holidays?! I don’t know about you; but I was one busy busy woman the past few weeks. I feel like I was more so this year than years in the past. My scrapping took a hit. That being said, we are not done with holidays just yet. We still have the New Year to celebrate! Can you believe that before this week is over, so will 2015?!? It just flew by!!

That being said, the new years comes with fun new projects and New Year Resolutions. Do you take part in that? Sometimes I do and sometimes I do not. I have been known to be successful…and not when it comes to resolutions. I think it is part of the fun of a new year dawning. Sitting down and reflecting on what the year past was and how to make the next year even better. You know what is coming next, right? I scoured the internet pinterest and found some great ideas. Not just for New Year Resolutions, but for New Year scrapping, too! (images linked to their pin).






What great ideas, right? I think I am going to do every single one of them! Don’t think I just stopped and those ideas though. Here are some great Amanda Yi Designs’ to get those New Year Resolutions and projects going. (Images linked to store).








Also, don’t forget about the 2015 Going, Going….GONE! sale. Now through January 2nd.

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