Hello there, Stefanie here again. A day late but feeling so much better. After our trip overseas we were all ill with flu and fighting to feel normal. I start my day reading blogs and just love it, my blog feed is filled with family, home decor ideas, scrapbooking and silver lining things. I find it easy to dwell on the less than perfect so need to be encouraged to find the good. Today I discovered this: Fun holidays to celebrate. So I made a start with Clean up your desk day. The mousepad/desk cover (not really my style) is on load from my DOTA playing son and makes working on my pc a delight.

and learn your name in Morse code. (… – . ..-. .- -. .. = Stefanie) Sometimes life is filled with hard stuff and we struggle to see the good. I recommend picking a holiday per week and celebrating it. I already have an idea for Strawberry ice cream day.

We usually celebrate the well known holidays; Christmas, Easter, Pie day, St patrick’s day etc but let’s look at the less well known ones and have some fun.