Good Monday morning scrappers. Team member La’Shawn here to talk holidays. There is something you should know about me. I LOVE holidays. I am one of those people who decorate my house for just about anything, buy fun clothes for my kiddo, and put up window clings. St. Patrick’s Day is next week. What do you think of when you hear St. Patrick’s Day? Green, of course! Shamrocks, green drinks, and green pancakes. Right?

There is one thing that I also think about when I hear St. Patrick’s Day. How often do you see rainbows this time of year? In lots of scrapbooking kits, decorations, and stickers. Don’t get me wrong. I love green. It is my kid’s favorite color, after all. There is something about rainbow pages that really pop. They stand out in the galleries and are fun to look over. Don’t believe me?

Look at this beautiful layout I found by Natasha in Amanda’s gallery.  The rainbow colors pop off this page and really pop in the gallery. Need some inspiration outside of scrapping to get those creative juices flowing? Check out pinterest. I typed in rainbow and it gave me a ton of lovely ideas.



This fun rainbow centerpiece. Fun rainbow gumballs.



How about this fun button art.

Don’t let ROYGBIV hold you back. Take it and run with it! Scrap in pretty and bright colors. Make those pages pop and stand out. There are kits galore out there to help you get to that fun rainbow layouts. Here are some from Amanda!

The Darndest Things | Kit


 Darling Days | Elements 

Happy Monday everyone! I hope this sparks something creative for you. Happy Scrapping!