Yesterday was father’s day here in the states. I don’t know about you, but I have to force my hubby in front of the camera. So, those “all about dad” and #1 Dad layouts are few and far in between. Today, I am stopping by to help you with a little motivation to get those Dad’s in your life scrapped. (All the images are linked to their pin, gallery, & store). There is great motivation to be had when it comes to scrapping Dad. I was looking around my all favorite Pinterest, for just that. Here are some great examples to get those ideas flowing!

You cannot go wrong with the tie for Father’s day. I’ve seen hybrid templates out i the scrappy world for this kind of thing. Even a shirt & tie card! You can accomplish this easily with digital scrapbooking too!


Not really a scrapbook layout, but it is a great idea! Interview your kiddos about their dad. Answer them yourself about your dad! You could do something just like this or scrap it! (I am totally doing this!)


At first (from my purely digital scrapbooking mind), this seemed difficult. But really, pull out some paper and get to cutting and gluing. I could see this as being something a Dad would happily put up on their desk.


Ready to get your journaling on?! This is perfect for father’s day layout. I think I am going to do it but chose 31 things (his age) and make it the background paper for my layout. What about you?

So, there are some fun ideas to get those Dad’s scrapped. Even if they are difficult like my husband and hates their photos taken! Make them a card, or just journal it. It is another short but sweet motivation post for you. I am going to leave you with some Dad inspired items from Amanda’s store. happy scrapping!