I like big titles & I cannot lie… 🙂 Good Monday morning everyone!! It is the start of the month, we are heading to half of 2015 being over. Whew. With it being Monday, it is time for some motivation for your scrapping. Today we are going to talk big titles. Those stand out titles that grab your attention. Personally, I stink at title work. I need all the motivation I can get. So, I thought I would share that a bit with you.

I was looking for a bit of inspiration and motivation on Pinterest, ,my go to place. I came across a layout with a big title (I will show that below). I got to thinking that I need to do that. If I could get a bit of motivation from it, so could you! Here are some ideas that I found while looking around Pinterest. (all images linked to their pin).

This is the one that captured my eye!
Another great example. The photo tucked in the large “S” really draws your eyes to it!


I am going to do this one layout. The title with photos clipped to it. Great idea!


I’ve done this, but on a smaller scale. I love one letter titles!


It isn’t just pinterest that you can find inspiration. Amanda’s gallery is full of it too. Here are just a few I found while looking around. (images linked to their gallery).


So, with this bit of motivation, get to scrapping! Take your title and flaunt it! You can clip photos to it, glitter it out, make it part of your background, frame it around your photos, make it your layout completely, or just use one letter. The options are about endless.

Today’s post is short and sweet. Just an idea and some examples to get that mojo going. I am going to leave you with some great Amanda Yi Designs products that will help you rock your title. Don’t forget to upload your layouts to Amanda’s gallery. Tomorrow is Stand Out Tuesday. We would love to showcase your talent! Here are some products to help you with your titles. (all images linked!)





Happy Scrapping!!