How crazy is it that we already have one quarter of 2017 behind us?! That just blows my mind guys. I of course didn’t really come to talk about how once again the year is flying by. Team member La’Shawn here to bring you some motivation for your Monday. This week’s motivation is going to be pretty; and pretty much you will see some form of it in every digital scrapbooking kit out there. Flowers!!

As a mom of one boy and an Aunt to three more boys, when I first started scrapping I didn’t really embrace the flowers. Boy has my outlook changed. I scrap them surrounded by flowers! I thought it would be fun to get some motivation from such lovely subjects. We will take a look at some fun ideas found on the ever helpful Pinterest (all images linked of course). Then we will gain some inpsiration from all you uber talented digital scrapbookers, by checking out some flower-tastic layouts from Amanda’s gallery. Followed up by some of my favorite Amanda Yi Designs flowers. Hold on to your hat….


Big flowers that frame the entire page. This really grabs one’s attention when looking around online.


How fun are these? You could re-create these on a layout….or…with just a bit of ink, some glue and scissors you can make these to embellish just about anything!


What a lovely tag! You could do this just like this, or with digital scrapbooking supplies as well. If you flattened it out with some good shadow work it would also make a great bookmark.


This is a card; and a cute card to boot! I am totally re-creating these peek-a-boo flowers on my next flowery digital scrapbooking layout!!


So so so pretty! I love the use of the colors, the patterned paper and the progression of color. I don’t know about you. I am going to have to sit down and see if I can scraplift this beauty!


This is one of my favorite parts. My pinterest board for scraplifiting always gets new additions when I look around Amanda’s gallery at Sweet Shoppe. This time was no different. You all are so talented! Here are a few great examples of using flowers on digital scrapbooking layouts.

Wild Heart by Connie || Nothing says flower child like than those lovely clusters around the van. Almost gives it the look of driving through a field of flowers.


Withing by mimisgirl || You guys! How awesome is the use of flowers on this layout? I love thinking outside the box kind of layouts. This is great!


On My Honor by Sweeet || See…you absolutely can surround those guys in your life with flowers. You cannot get more “guy” than boy scouts. You also cannot get a better example of flowers on a boy layout.


More Flowers Thursday by kc33558 || Flowers don’t have to be just embellishments. Look at these lovely photos of flowers. Beautiful!

Now to some great items from Amanda’s Store that you can scrap those flowers. Like I said earlier you will be hard-pressed to find a digital scrapbooking kit without at least one flower in it. Here are some of my favorite.




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